Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Hire php developers from India who are endowed with a treasure box of php tools

Has outsourcing invaded your mind? Are you finally planning to start a new venture? Are you getting the jitters because outsourcing is a new concept to you? If you’re looking to outsource a PHP developer for your new project, now is the time to hire php developer India. When you hire php programmer India, you can afford peace for your mind as well as your pocket.

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What is php?

Php is a server-side open sourced scripting language. It is mainly used to create effective web pages. As an embedded scripting language, it is also used for general web development. Its rich attributes make it one of the most popular scripting languages on the web, and it has empowered the internet with its flexible and fast nature. It is a wise choice to hire php developer India, as the developers from India are always exploring new ways to develop and implement the best of php modules to achieve your project needs. The various PHP tools available work very effectively and award efficiency to your projects. Hire php programmer India if you’re looking for php specialists that have a proper sketch of functional tools and resources. Additionally, there are many tutorials and classes available that give assistance and support in code authoring, testing, profiling, and debugging. When you hire php developer India, they will surely have proper knowledge of various php tools, so his or her ability to utilize these tools will make PHP development projects much more productive.Below are some basic PHP tools that are all in the toolkit of the employee you’ll be working with when you hire PHP programmer India:

Some PHP Tools:

Debugging tools Xdebug- This is one of the most commonly used debugging php tools. When you hire php programmer India, your professional employee will be well-equipped with the skills necessary to use this tool. They will also be able to access bulk data, which makes the debugging process much faster.


DBG- This is considered to be one of the most secure PHP debuggers, and is used for local PHP debugging. It has the ability to plug into countless PHP IDE’s.


PHP_Dyn- This is another pretty basic PHP tool that is used for debugging. It is also open-sourced.

php debug  

Testing tools PHP Unit- This is a tool that checks your web application’s strength and adaptability. It is a port of the JUnit testing suite of PHP. It grants a simplified solution for writing test cases within a PHP Unit framework.


Simple test- This is a simple unit-testing platform for developing php applications. It helps the simple tests function and run smoothly.


DBug- This is a simple tool used for formatting data tables with databases, objects, and XML resources. It is very effective in the debugging process.


Documentation tools PHP DOX- PHPDOX is an AJAX-enabled PHP documentation search engine. It helps you find titles from PHP documentation pages.


 Php Documentor- Also known as “phpdoc” and “phpdocu”, this is a tool for documentation used in PHP source code. It has abundant features like PDF, CHM, and XML DOCBook FORMATS.   Security Tools Scavenger- This is an open sourced tool that is used in real time management Securimage- This is a free open sourced scripting tool used for producing complicated images. It shields forms from corruption and misuse. PHPIDS-PHP-Intrusion detection system is a very simple tool. Due to its simplicity, it is has a high utility function. When you are ready to step into the PHP development stage of your new project, you can rest assured that PHP programmers for hire in India will be completely equipped to handle all your project needs.

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