Monday, 14 July 2014

What to scrutinize while hiring a PHP developer

PHP is a very popular programming language. Due to its ascending popularity, many companies are hiring php developers with expertise for their web-based application programs from different locales. It’s not only the cost that the clients are looking for, but also quality.

Hire a php developer for easy, smart, and effective web development projects. There are numerous php developers in the market who show experience and qualifications, but to select the best among them is surely a bit of grueling task. Your business’ success depends majorly on the developer, so it becomes all the more important to pick up the right resource. When you have an accomplished business, hiring a php developer with a proper background becomes an absolute necessity.

A few questions to consider when you hire php developers:

  • What is his experience?
  • How long has he been in php development?
  • What other skills does he possess apart from PHP ?
  • Has the hired employee been in a project similar to yours?

After asking these questions, you can start researching the right candidate who has the right experience and skill set to perfectly match your project requirement.

A php developer needs to have an experience in the following:

  • Know how on security issues.
  • Ability to create Java script.
  • Multi-browsing tact.
  • Knowledge about SEO.
  • Knowledge about SEM (Search engine marketing).
  • Understanding of cross-browser mechanism.
  • The php programmer should be able to handle data base technology, Java script, CSS.

How to verify his work:


Hire a php developer by verifying his codes. Validation can be done by having a word with the website owner and by asking for a live demonstration of the project. It is also very important to check to see whether or not the php developer has a staging server to audit the work on a daily basis.
Hire php developers from reputed agencies and companies. Knock on the doors of a reliable company who is known for providing trusted service. Online research could be of much help.

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