Friday, 1 August 2014

3 methods to boost up your site.

The web world has emerged as the new gateway to enrich and revolutionize business. It is much more than a documentary archive. It opens a brand new world of visual treat be it from your desktop or your mobile.

India is the best place to hire. Hire a web designer India for better online presence. The world of web can actually be transformed just the way you want your web site to look and perform, all thanks to the web designers who understand your vision and confer real touch to it.
Hire web designers India to enhance your website, making it a powerful tool to entice more business.
Methods are :


SVG- A lot of images which we find on website are images created by pixels. These images when viewed on higher resolution devices get pixilated. SVG or scalable vector graphic is a vector image based on XML with two-dimensional graphics. It backs animation. The different properties of graphics can be changed with CSS. Snap is a javascript library which helps in animation of SVG content.


CSS- CSS styles documents. CSS is used to make the document look visually appealing by conferring it with colors, and changing font size. It is quite a popular tool with varied features like animation and transforms.CSS clip paths helps to assign shape in CSS. This helps to specify the transparent and opaque element of HTML content.  It is quite an effective tool in CSS transitions. CSS masks are gaining popularity and is  used in the market. This facilitates in illustrating the transparent part of content with image. CSS helps in utilizing transparent themes more efficiently in various designs. This bestows visual treat to a web site. When you hire a webdesigner India, the designer knows in details about the various latest tools to be used to enrich a website.


2D Canvas - It is mainly used for web optimization. It has effective and impressive features for making sketches of images and shapes. It has a java script API. This enables you to have control over your canvas. It also helps in integration of different media forms like creation of different buttons which are highly  interactive, video footage with pause and scrub option, videos. Hire web designers India who are well versed in using various new features.
2D canvass modes also help to blend colors making it visually appealing and attractive.

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